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10 Forecasts For The Near Future Of Tech & Life As We Know It

10 Forecasts For The Near Future Of Tech & Life As We Know It
By Scott Belsky • Issue #15 • View online
First off, happy new year. Is it just me, or does it feel like the future is coming at us faster than ever these days? Perhaps it is the great digital accelerant of COVID, or the great reassessment many of us have gone through in our own lives? Or perhaps news, trends, ideas, and yes - viruses - spread faster than ever these days? Regardless, hope you’re enjoying a much needed breather as we transition to 2022.
Like past years, I spent some time thinking about the major trends and themes that I think will change life as we know it in the next ~5 years. I‘m sharing them as a way to connect more dots, meet more founders, and solicit input that will further develop these ideas. Hope they serve as kindling for you, and I welcome your feedback on Twitter @scottbelsky or by replying to this email.
Be well, and sending my best. -scott

10 Forecasts For The Near Future Of Tech
  1. Recommendations kills Favorites: AI-driven recommendations transcend our historical go-to’s. What if our favorite songs and restaurants are our greatest constraint, and how do we get ourselves out of our complacent reliance on circumstance?
  2. The next generation of top talent will have “Polygamous Careers,” transforming the corporate world as we know it. The traditional job market, tax forms, college, and healthcare are all geared for an old world that fails to engage our modern brains…
  3. The rise of immersive experiences will mainstream 3D creation. All this metaverse hype will fall completely flat unless such experiences are filled with rich, engaging, 3D, interactive, and personalized content. 3D content creation will become 100x more accessible.
  4. “The Stakeholder Economy” will reinvigorate emerging brands and local businesses and be the most disruptive force against internet behemoths and global marketplaces. As brands and community-driven businesses become decentralized, we will increasingly think and act as owners.
  5. We will all start to OPT-IN for ads personalized experiences. Artificial intelligence will make personalization so damn incredible that opting out will be the equivalent going to a restaurant and getting served a random dish.
  6. “F’ The Man, Power To The People” As A Service: More consumer products will emerge that help people band together and use automation to hold governments and companies accountable.
  7. Every function of the enterprise will become a multi-player and fully immersive experience. Not a new trend, but multi-player and immersive experiences for specific functions will be further sweeping and more immersive than we realize…
  8. The next generation will have a nomadic decade of life and work, and will love it. What are the implications of people in their twenties having a deep global cultural immersion renting or swapping spaces around the world and working remotely?
  9. The reverse franchise model and “eduployment” will fuel growth and resilience of small businesses. What happens when the “little guys” band together to realize the competitive advantages of global behemoths?
  10. The Era Of Multiple Identities: We Discover, Embrace, & Express Our Multiple Selves. Through modern social networks, decentralized art projects, and an internet culture that is increasingly accepting, multiple identities are becoming less fringe and help unlock authenticity.
I’ve done my best to summarize each of these ideas, alongside a few examples, here:
10 Forecasts For The Near Future Of Tech 🔮 | by Scott Belsky | Dec, 2021 | Medium
Thanks for tuning in, and happy new year. -scott
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