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By Scott Belsky

Insights and elaboration on tech/product, design, and making ideas happen, delivered ~monthly-ish.

Insights and elaboration on tech/product, design, and making ideas happen, delivered ~monthly-ish.

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10 Forecasts For The Near Future Of Tech & Life As We Know It

Recommendations kills Favorites: AI-driven recommendations transcend our historical go-to’s. What if our favorite songs and restaurants are our greatest constraint, and how do we get ourselves out of our complacent reliance on circumstance?The next generation…


"Seeing The Matrix" For Product Builders, Opportunities & More

(1) Computer Vision For Anything & Everyone: I was excited to participate in the latest round for Roboflow, a company that lets any developer create and train a working computer vision model in less than 24 hours starting with just a few dozen images. In …


Scott Belsky - Tech/Product, Creativity, & Making Ideas Happen - Issue #13

(1) Nomadic Lives & Community: I got quite an unexpected stream of polarizing responses to the following thought the other day:


8 Key Themes For 2021 & The Middle Class Of The Creator Economy - Elaboration Issue #12

What has become an ~annual tradition, I took a shot at summarizing a set of themes for the future of tech that I am excited about. They stimulated quite a bit of discussion online, and you can read the full post here. I would say themes around "Eduployment," …


Why Testing Is a Cop Out, Neural Filters, & Gems from Coaches - Scott Belsky - Elaboration Issue #11

With powerful technology comes the responsibility for how it is used and understood. This week, my team at Adobe shared our latest updates and new products at our annual "MAX" conference. This has always been an exciting albeit nerve-wrecking experience, but …


Scott Belsky - On Tech/Product, Creativity, & Making Ideas Happen - Issue #10

It’s hard to turn a prop plane into a jet - especially when you’re in flight at top speed. My bet is that the "Brady Bunch" style video meetings of today will run its course while some new companies under the radar brew a 10x better way for us to remotely mee…


Scott Belsky - On Tech/Product, Creativity, & Making Ideas Happen - Issue #9

Productivity tools are like cuisine, there will always be many choices and users will keep switching as tastes change to stay engaged.Consider the cascade of specialized productivity apps (not suites) over the years, like Evernote, Wunderlist, Any.do, Todoist…


8 Predictions For The Future, The 3D Revolution, Overheard At Davos, & More. Issue #8

Forecasting the future is a fun exercise. I like to ask the question, “what about our work and lives today will feel ridiculous ten plus years from now?” What about the future will feel obvious in retrospect?Future forecasts are not an investment thesis becau…


Quick Moment For The Messy Middle (Launch Day!)

A book project starts out as a fascination. Then reality kicks in as you spend the next few years doing interviews/drafts (with many fits and starts - and periods of self-doubt followed by the occasional breakthrough - in-between), and then you eventually nea…


Instagram Experiments, The Age Of Emulation, AR, & 30 Day Countdown!

The launch of The Messy Middle is rapidly approaching. 5+ years of interviewing founders and product makers, jotting down insights, synthesizing and getting feedback...all down to this. Just gonna get this out of the way: I hope you’ll pre-order a copy now [A…


Positive Slope (S.Belsky) :: Disruptive Interfaces, Attack Of The Micro Brands, & More Fascinations.

Last week I was interviewed by Nick Rockwell, Chief Technology Officer at The New York Times, about a wide range of questions related to developing leaders in design, the chemistry of effective product teams, and I even got to share my wish list for NYT featu…


Positive Slope // S.Belsky: The Messy Middle, Killing Elephants, & The State Of Creative Process

A project that unofficially started almost seven years ago finally picked up speed in the last couple years and is now in a draft form. It’s all about “the middle” of a venture, when you’re navigating uncertainty, working anonymously, full of self-doubt, yet …


Positive Slope -S.Belsky - Issue #3

As some of you know, i’ve been helping build a new product/team for over a year now. This week we launched “Prefer,” a new way for service professionals and clients to find each other via referrals and work together. It was designed to help surface the “small…


Postive Slope / S.Belsky - Digest #2

(1) Notifications & Pushing The Limits Of MobileRecall, when the first iPhone was launched, there was no location awareness or bandwidth/support for real-time video. But now, with the future of mobile services being centered around connecting in real-time…


Postive Slope / S.Belsky - 1

Why Revue / This Newsletter? The future of media is likely to include more direct channels of higher quality content. We will still discover new content sources on noisy social network feeds and algorithms, but we will subscribe to sources we like when we fin…